Proper Home Voicemail Etiquette

The voicemail plays a very important role in the household. It keeps you and the rest of the family connected with the outside world as well as with each other. However, bad impressions and conflicts may arise from improper voicemail usage, thus the need to pay particular attention to proper etiquette when it comes to communicating through a voicemail facility. Here are ways in using this noble telecommunications feature to your full advantage.

Teach everyone in the family, including household helpers if you have any, about the proper way to operate the voice mail functions of your telephone. This will help a lot for efficient external communications. If you have a separate line for work or business matters, implement a strict rule forbidding other parties, especially little children, from picking voice mails or doing other things with the phone. Business phones should be positioned somewhere safe and secure from the curious hands. Your home office or study would be the most ideal place.

Record your outgoing message with propriety and appeal. Sound as accommodating as possible and provide sufficient information. The right way to do it is to start with a welcome greeting including the name of the residence or the collective name of the dwellers (perhaps your family name). Avoid the person on the other line by keeping the message short but concise. Speak as politely and clearly as possible when recording your outgoing message. Also, remember to keep your outgoing updated. Before leaving the house, make sure to record your outgoing message and state alternative contact details such as your mobile phone number, and the like.