0845 for Your Business

If you own a business that is catering to UK customers, then you should consider getting 0845 telephone numbers. Through these numbers, you will have a smoother operation and you will reduce costs for your customers every time they call you. Additionally, your customer service will improve and analysing your marketing campaigns will become easier!

You reduce the costs for your customers whenever they call you because calling 0845 numbers will be charged with local rates. It really does not matter wherever in the UK your caller is, local rates will apply. So using 0845 numbers is really a gesture that your clients will surely appreciate. Additionally, for the reason that a 0845 number can follow you anywhere in the UK, things would be more convenient if you find the need to transfer your business address. In other words, customers will still be able to call you during and after the relocation. Otherwise, shifting from one area code to another would surely confuse your patrons.

Another advantage of a 0845 number is that it can forward calls to any other phone number that you register in your account. So now, you have two numbers working as one. If you want to change the second number for whatever reason but keep the 0845 constant, then there will be no negative effects on your business. Additionally, if you make use of various 0845 numbers for different marketing campaigns, and then have all calls forwarded to your one personal number – you can then track which strategy is more effective!

Clearly, making use of 0845 telephone numbers for your UK business is an advantage you should exploit right away!